The Guardian provide a good breakdown of the storm on crictics recent comments around singers appearance

The Guardian provide a good breakdown of the storm around crictics recent comments on singers appearance

Although, I’m sure most people have caught some of the recent row in the Opera world surrounding critics comment on Tara Erraught’s performance in her début at Glyndebourne, the Guardian provides a good overview for those like me who have been too busy to weigh in while it was still hot.  Critics bashing performer’s looks is not a new thing and it could be said, if you put yourself out there you should to be prepared to take it. However, male or female reviewer aside, commenting in the manner involved in this incident seems overly harsh and isn’t sending out the right message about the opera community. Plus Tara seems to have given a stunning vocal performance, she certainly doesn’t look fat and it probably was the costume, and if she acted the role well I wouldn’t care anyway.

Simon Rattle leads a revolution at the Royal Opera House

Simon Rattle leads a revolution at the Royal Opera House

Graham Vick over at the Birmingham Opera Company is well known for involving members of the community in his productions, and now Streetwise Opera and Simon Rattle have helped infiltrated the ROH with ex-cons and homeless. This show has been getting cracking reviews and perhaps a core part of this is that those on stage have more of an edge- in that they can utilise their personal experiences to excellent effect translating them in to strong performances on the stage. These are performers who, it could be said,  can bring a more truthful account of a character and offer something new to the regular opera audience while also encouraging those who may not usually attend. This Guardian article is a good read.

The Best of The Guardian and The Telegraph’s recent Opera Articles

The Guardian has two previews for us.

Firstly, Phelim McDermott and designer Tom Pye discuss setting Cosi in a fairground in the upcoming ENO production of the Mozart classic.

Secondly, the WNO chorus are apparently having fun with the orgy scene in their forthcoming production of Schoenberg’s Moses und Aron.

The Telegraph are praising the tradition of country house opera festivals,  while apparently politicians aren’t turning up to opera anymore. Not the right image for them perhaps? Though if they are going to have a say in arts funding I really do think they should at least bother to go along once in a while…

Inside Opera #insideopera

Inside Opera #insideopera

If anyone else like me missed the Inside Opera Live event yesterday you can catch it all here and also check out the #insideopera conversation on twitter.

2pm Welcome, interview with Oliver Mears (NI Opera), Kasper Holten (ROH), Richard Mantle (Opera North) and Alex Reedjik (Scottish Opera)
2:10pm FILM: The making of La bohème from Opera North
2:30pm INTERVIEW: Conductor and Assistant Director of Opera North’s production of La bohème, Ilyich Rivas and James Hurley.
2:40pm INTERVIEW: Michael Rosewell, Music Director for English Touring Opera.
2:45pm FILM: Opera that Moves, from English Touring Opera
3:05pm LIVE LINK: English Touring Opera on stage at Warwick Arts Centre
3:10pm FILM: Irish Premiere of Importance of Being Earnest from Northern Ireland Opera
3:25pm INTERVIEW: Northern Ireland Opera’s Artistic Director Oliver Mears
3.35pm INTERVIEW: Alex Reedijk, General Director of Scottish Opera
3:40pm LIVE LINK: Scottish Opera in Edinburgh.
3:45pm FILM: The Costumes of Donna Elvira from Scottish Opera
4:10pm LIVE LINK: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, with baritone Gerald Finley
4:15pm FILM: Meet the Company from Welsh National Opera
4:30pm FILM: The Get In from Welsh National Opera
4:35pm INTERVIEW: Kasper Holten, Director, The Royal Opera
4:40pm FILM: Becoming Zerlina from The Royal Opera
5:15pm LIVE LINK: Welsh National Opera in Wrexham
5:20pm INTERVIEW: Sky Ingram and Duncan Rock from Opera North’s production of La bohème
5:25pm LIVE LINK: English National Opera with Music Director Edward Gardner, at the London Coliseum
5:35pm LIVE LINK: Soprano Julia Sporsén, principal singer in Thebans, from the London Coliseum
5:40pm FILM: Behind the Scenes at English National Opera
5:50pm LIVE LINK: Northern Ireland Opera in Armagh
5:55pm LIVE PERFORMANCE: Errollyn Wallen’s aria, written in just four hours and performed by baritone Dawid Kimberg.”

where is opera going?


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